What are the Products Obtained with Bale Press Machines

Balya Pres Makinaları İle Elde Edilen Ürünler Nelerdir

What are the Products Obtained with Bale Press Machines

What are the Products Obtained by Bale Press Machines; There are different products in it. These products vary according to the separated products. Basic waste groups such as paper, glass and plastic can be pressed in bale press devices. At the same time, pressing of products such as fiber is also provided in textile factories.

Each of the products that are compressed with press machines has different properties. Therefore, they go through the separation process. For example, since the pressing pressure of a product in a paper category will not be the same as that of a product in the scrap category, a change is observed in the machines to be preferred.

The products obtained by using bale press machines are generally large-sized basic materials that are turned into smaller sizes and baled. These products are then transported to different areas for storage. Horizontal press machines can be preferred for transportation.

Horizontal bale press machines are preferred for products to be transported by bale press machines. These products are transported on belts, which are a kind of transport vehicle working with conveyor belt systems. The transportation process is handled faster and more efficiently with the use of machines.

Bale Press Machines Features

Along with the products obtained with the bale press machine, the features of the machines that make up this product are also curious. Different features show themselves in these products, which aim to make them into small sizes by making bales.

The most basic feature of bale making machines is its capacity. These products have a very efficient function because the materials to be pressed are both very large and bulky. The capacity of these devices varies between 100 and 250 kg. The increase in these weights varies according to the cost characteristics of the machine and the material to be pressed.

Another feature and one of the most basic features of press devices is the pressure force. In these devices that work with pressure function, a pressure in the range of 50 or 100 tons is applied. The variation of these pressures depends on the pressing properties of the object to be pressurized. At the same time, the volume of these products and the amount of pressure to be applied are determined.

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