Vertical Bale Press Machine Types and Differences Between them

Dikey Balya Pres Makinası Çeşitleri Ve Aralarındaki Farklar

Vertical Bale Press Machine Types and Differences Between them

Vertical Bale Press Machine Types and Differences Between them; There are different machines that can be counted in it. Each type in these machines has different usage areas and usage purposes. These devices are different from each other and each has its own unique features.

The most important machines preferred for bale press machines are pressing machines. It is known that these products are preferred for pressing waste materials and turning them into bales. In the pressing process, which is one of the most important elements of recycling, these devices are used in order to make the products with large dimensions and weight smaller and take up less space.

The devices generally used in the bale pressing process are generally devices that provide production by using hydraulic pressures. These devices have a more economical structure by consuming less electrical energy.

Eccentric bale press machines are only one of these types. In these types of machines, electrical energy is used alone. Although the use of this energy alone increases the cost, it works more in terms of labor compared to other systems.

Differences Between Bale Press Machines

Among the bale press machine types, products with different features show themselves. These products are used more and more every day and show themselves in almost every industry with their different features.

Machines with horizontal and vertical cabins, as well as with double cabins or single cabins, also show themselves in these varieties. Vertical press machines are mostly used for pressing, while horizontal press machines are preferred for transport.

These products have different pressing strengths and different weight capacities. In addition, among the machines, many machines with fiber pressing and cotton washing features that can be used in the field of textile show themselves. Other products used in the textile field are generally machines used for sorting.

Another feature sought in bale press machines is the ability to separate. Devices that can distinguish waste materials according to their type and size are of great importance for leather transformation.

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