What is the Working Logic of Vertical Bale Press Machines

Dikey Balya Pres Makinalarının Çalışma Mantığı Nedir

What is the Working Logic of Vertical Bale Press Machines

What is the Working Logic of Vertical Bale Press Machines? There are two different ways. One of them is the hydraulic system and the other is the eccentric system.

Bale press machines working with these different systems have started to be preferred more and more every day. In each of the protocols produced for the elimination of environmental pollution, which is one of the major problems of today, the storage of waste materials is ensured by the use of this product.

This product, which is used to assist in the storage of waste materials, is first used in the separation of waste materials. Afterwards, it applies intense pressure to turn these products, which are divided into different categories, into smaller bales. As a result of this pressure, pressing process is carried out.

There are two most important elements to know about the working principles of the bale press machine. One is the hydraulic pressure system and the other is the eccentric system. The way these systems work is different from each other. While the eccentric system works entirely with electricity, the hydraulic system completes its work with the pressure of water.

The pressure values and capacities of these products, which have different working principles, may also differ from each other. At the same time, the working principles of different types of bale press machines, which are horizontal and vertical, may be different. These usually show themselves with the presence of other products that have different features such as washing and distinguishing.

Bale Press Machine Technical Specifications

Another issue that is curious about the working principle of the bale press machine is its technical features. The technical features of these devices show themselves at the beginning of the reasons for preference. The most basic feature of bale press machines is the pressing pressure.

In order for bale press machines to perform their function, they must have a pressure value suitable for the waste material used. The pressure values of bale press machines are generally in the range of 50 or 100 tons.

Another technical feature of bale press devices is their capacity. Products with a high level of capacity are preferred more and more every day. The capacities of these machines, which are being produced today, usually vary between 100 and 250 kg.

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