Fiber Pressing with Bale Press Machine

Balya Pres Makinası İle Elyaf Presleme

Fiber Pressing with Bale Press Machine

Fiber Pressing with Bale Press Machine; There are many questions about fiber pressing with a bale press machine. At the beginning of these questions is the field of use.

Fiber pressing with bale press machines has recently emerged as a very frequently used product for the recycling of waste. At the same time, it is not only with this use that these products become more common day by day. However, they are machines that can also be used in areas such as textiles.

Bale press machines are machines that can perform the pressing process in order to make the fiber fabric smaller. It helps these products to be stored more easily or to be used more comfortably in the textile products to be used.

This pressing process, which is one of the most important stages for fiber weaving, is of great importance for the use of this product. For this reason, it appears as a product used in almost every textile company.

These machines have different features. Although these properties vary depending on the material to be pressed, they can also vary depending on the characteristics of the machine. Whether the products are glass, plastic or paper, they are the types used for pressing waste materials. In addition, the varieties used for pressing fiber materials are preferred in textile workshops.

Bale Press Machine Features

The fiber pressing process with the bale press machine is a special feature of the preferred types of these machines for textile use. With this feature, many different features of the machines show themselves.

These machines, which are used for bale pressing, are used for the main purpose of bringing the product into smaller sizes. The most preferred feature of these products is that they have a capacity in the range of 100-250 kg. Thanks to its high capacity, it helps to finish large products in a shorter time by making them smaller.

Another feature of these machines, which are preferred for pressing fiber products, is that they have very high pressures. This feature is very important as it will help the products to be packed into bales more tightly.

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