What are the products separated by the Bale Press Machine?

Balya Pres Makinası ile Ayrıştırılan Ürünler Nelerdir

What are the products separated by the Bale Press Machine?

What are the products separated by the Bale Press Machine; The products that can be counted in it are divided into three main groups as paper, glass and plastic. These products are among the products considered as waste. At the same time, the separation of products such as scrap can be done with these products.

In this sorting process, which is more frequently encountered with the recycling of waste products recently, the devices that make a name for themselves in the foreground are bale press devices. Thanks to these devices, different products are separated from each other and recycled in different areas.

The basic working principles of the bale press devices are to separate the large products that need to be separated and turn them into small bales separately. Thanks to this, these products will be able to be stored in smaller bales while occupying a larger space.

These products, which are included in the bale press machines, are the biggest helpers of recycling and protecting the environment. With the widespread use of environmental protection recently, the use of these products has also increased. Recycling is completed by using these devices at the stage of increasing recycling and recycling the garbage, which is called waste.

Bale Press Machine Separation Process

Cardboards, papers, glass and plastic products, which show themselves among the products separated by the bale press machine, are separated by different processes. Different devices are used to separate these products.

For example, there are separate paper sorting devices for sorting products such as paper and cardboard. By means of these devices, products are separated according to size and type. With the help of these devices, the separated products are turned into separate bales and sent for recycling. All these processes can be applied to other waste products and sent to storage areas or directly to recycling if necessary.

The sorting process of bale pressing machines is done by going through many different processes like this. As a result of these processes, large compression forces are applied and large-sized products are brought to small sizes and stored. After the storage process, if necessary, it is offered for use in different industrial branches.

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