PREMP-2 Bale Press Machine

PREMP-2 Bale Press Machine

PREMP-2 Bale Press Machine;PREMP-2 Model is designed for metal and hard scrap of institutions and organizations. Institutions and organizations can find answers to their own scrap baling needs. In addition, it can be designed in sizes depending on optional requests and demands.

The model reduces people’s physical strength and strength requirements by 50%.

It is a model that provides fast and simple service.

Businesses to be purchased conveniently obtain maximum benefit and profitable shopping.

It is one of the innovations in the recycling sector with its ergonomic design and practical use.

PREMP-2 Bale Press Machine – Technical Specifications

Bale size (width, height)130x450x210
Filling chamber dimensions66x130x76
Bale dimensions40×60
Pressing force horizontal130ton
Voltage400 volt-3 faz 50hz
Energy22 kw
Electrical schematic componentSCHNE?DER / YAMAHA
Automation systemPREMIUM CEVRE