PRESP-90 Horizontal Semi Automatic Baling Press Machine

PRESP-90 Horizontal Semi-Automatic Baling Press Machine

PRESP-90 Horizontal Semi Automatic Baling Press Machine; Model It makes bales of products such as plastic, pet, cardboard, nylon, aluminum boxes with its semi-automatic capability in medium capacity recycling collection centers and responds with reasonable price and low energy consumption cost. It bales an average of 18-20 tons of waste per day. In addition, conveyor belt can be added in desired situations.

It is the preferred (ideal) method for the baling method of cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum baling and other recycling waste materials and materials.

PRESP-90 Horizontal Semi Automatic Baling Press Machine – Technical Specifications

Engine power1X18 kw
Bale size (width, height)1100mm x 850mm x adjustable
machine idle and cycle time30 seconds
Baling weight550 – 750 K?
Press grip ability3-5 tons / hour
Oil tank and capacity2000k?
Volumetric capacity mixed80-90m3 / hour
Press force90ton
Number of wire binding4 lacing
Wire fastening systemHydraulic driving-hydraulic cutting-bending
Feeding chamber and dimensions1400mm-1040mm
Machine length6800mm
Machine width4000mm
Machine height4850mm
Machine weight13000k?
Voltage400volt- 3faz – 50hz
Power and Package systemtriple flow pump also regenerative block
Electrical schematic componentMÖHLER- DELTA – SCHNE?DER
Automation systemPREMIUM CEVRE