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Bale Press

Bale Press; The recycling industry, which grows every year, will grow even faster as humanity realizes that the world’s resources are limited. This growth will bring new problems to the sector along with it. At the beginning of the growth problems is the inadequacy of the areas we can allocate for our recycling garbage. The solution of humanity to this problem is bale press machines, which provide us with millions of square meters of space every year. Here are the benefits of those machines.

Benefits of bale press machines

These bale press machines, which press all kinds of waste until they become a tight, compact cube with automatic press system, are one of the most important factors of the recycling industry. Some of the benefits provided to the industry by the bale press machines, which ensure the most effective storage and use of the garbage collected for recycling, are as follows: Safer garbage collection areas, more hygienic garbage collection areas, saving on landfills by reducing or making the garbage collection areas effective, and making transportation more effective. save shipping cost.

Bale press machines are suitable and safe for pressing almost any garbage waste. Among those materials, the main ones are the most processed materials of the industry such as plastic, fiber, cotton, paper, sacks, wool and waste.

Bale press machines in the press sector are generally divided into two groups as horizontal bale press machines and vertical bale press machines. These groups, on the other hand, are divided according to the pressing pressures of the machines measured over tons or the kilogram of solid waste that they can press and bale at once. Bale press systems are becoming more and more widespread because of the need for packaging conditions in the export of some products and garbage, and because they prefer pressed recycling products for easier processing and easier stacking in recycling areas and pay higher money.

Horizontal or vertical bale press machines, which businesses choose according to the amount of recycling material they process each month, also provide profits for businesses by not requiring much maintenance and expense. Bale press machines, whose sole expense after purchase is the plastic tie or steel cable used to tie the bales, is one of the indispensable systems used by large enterprises to increase their profit margins.

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