Bale Press

Balya Presi

Bale Press Bale Press; The recycling industry, which grows every year, will grow even faster as humanity realizes that the world’s resources are limited. This growth will bring new problems to the sector along with it. At the beginning of the growth problems is the inadequacy of the areas we can […]

Bale Press Systems

Balya Pres Makinası

Bale Press Systems Bale Press Systems; Bale press machines, one of the most important elements of the recycling industry, are developing day by day. Statistics show that hundreds of bale press machines enter the recycling system in foreign countries every day. The reason for this is the contribution of bale press […]

Bale Press Machine

Balya Pres Makinası

Bale Press Machine Bale Press Machine; Bale press machines, which are the most useful machines in the recycling sector, are divided into two groups. Vertical press machines and Horizontal press machines. Factories choose either vertical or horizontal bale press machines according to the size of their monthly solid waste processing volumes. […]