Semi Automatic Composting Machine 500L Capacity

Semi Automatic Composting Machine 500L Capacity

Semi Automatic Composting Machine 500L Capacity first native enzyme product produced in Turkey are compost clearance, rapid results obtained during the course of the conversion of organic waste into compost.
You’ll be surprised. The standard time for the conversion of waste into compost is 6 months, but this time has been reduced to 24 hours by using enzymes with our machine.
It saves time.

Provides savings in waste management costs.
Energy consumption is reduced.
Composting in 24 hours
Decrease in environmental and carbon footprint
Reduction in waste rates up to 90%.



Industrial food product kitchens; Hotel Kitchens, Catering, Restaurants, Municipalities, Ship Kitchens, Garbage Transfer and Transfer Centers.


Reactor heating system
Reactor shredding system
Reactor Mixer System
Manual enzyme introduction
Manual garbage loading
Manual evacuation system
Automatic stop when composting is finished
Portable tablet control panel
Remote diagnostic system
Intelligent energy consumption software


Compost is an organic additive that physically improves soil in a biological and chemical way.
Provides aeration of the soil and prevents it from jamming.
It increases the moisture capacity and helps the plants not to be damaged.
Helps drainage and ventilation.
Helps healthy development of root formation. Allows soil to retain water.
It is richer than trace elements and compost needs cannot be met with chemical fertilizers.


Chemical fertilizers damage the soil in the long term and are used for short term results.
Chemical fertilizers affect and contaminate groundwater and are harmful to human health.
Chemical fertilizers reduce soil brittleness and form a hard layer, preventing rainwater from penetrating into the soil.
Chemical fertilizers prevent microorganisms living in the soil. These microorganisms are important in order to prevent disease in the cultivated plants.
Chemical fertilizers mix into groundwater, so the plant cannot provide any real benefit. It has negative effects on soil due to its high solubility.
Chemical fertilizers prevent the formation of worms in the soil. It prevents the aeration feature in the soil. Therefore, worms cannot form natural fertilizers.
Chemical fertilizers cause disease formation in plants with excessive nitrogen produced.
Chemical fertilizers cause loss of flavor in vegetables and fruits and reduce nutritional values.