PREDP-5 Baler Press Machine Vertical

PREDP-5 Baler Press Machine Vertical

PREDP-5 Baler Press Machine Vertical;The PREDP-5 model is designed for more types of recycled scrap and higher scrap sizes. It is a product with a strong structure designed with an effective safety device that enables the baling of various metal scraps.

Equipped with maximum security systems in usage areas

Has a motor protection device

Stand-By working system

Support shaft in pairs

Bale Press Machine Vertical – PREDP-5 – Technical Specifications

Engine power:2KW
Bale size (width, height 13px):700X500X800
idle rotation time:45 seconds
Baling weight:60-80 kg
Number of wire binding:2 lacing
Wire fastening system:Manual (operator assisted)
Cylinder pressure force:5 tons
Feeding chamber and dimensions:700mm x 500mm
Machine width / Depth:900mm
Machine height:2250mm
Machine weight:500kg
Voltage:400 volt-3 faz 50hz
Kontrol voltajı:24 volt DC
Electrical schematic component:SCHNEİDER
Automation system:PREMIUM CEVRE