Baler Press Machine Vertical PREDP 25 – Cardboard And Paper

Baler Press Machine Vertical PREDP 25 – Cardboard And Paper

PREDP-25 Baler Press Machine Vertical;The PREDP-25 model is designed for more types of recycled scrap and higher scrap sizes. It is a product with a strong structure designed with an effective safety device that enables the baling of various metal scraps.

Usage areas of vertical bale presses; It is produced by our skilled craftsmen, which can be applied in most sectors such as cotton, fabric, yarn, fibrous iron scrap, tin, cable waste, paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastic, pet bottle, rubber and leather sectors. . teams and engineers meeting industrial standards. It is designed using quality and safety approved components and advanced technology.

Protection with high security systems
PLC control system
engine protection system
standby working system
double support shaft
Galvanized wear resistant coating
Advanced compression
Crochet wrap / easy baling (New)

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Baler Press Machine Vertical PREDP 25 – Technical Specifications

Engine power5.5KW
Bale size (width, height)1200x800x850
idle rotation time45 seconds
Baling weight250 – 290k?
Number of wire binding4 lacing
Wire fastening systemManual (operator assisted)
Cylinder pressure force25 tons
Feeding chamber and dimensions1200 mm x 700mm
Machine width / Depth1500 mm
Machine height2700 mm
Machine weight1800k?
Voltage400 volt-3 faz 50hz
Kontrol voltaj?24 volt DC
Electrical schematic componentSCHNE?DER
Automation systemPREMIUM CEVRE